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CharterWorks is your one-stop voyage management solution for commercial operators of sea-going vessels covering the entire process of Chartering and Operations. Chartering departments use this powerful tool for handling cargo inquiries, calculation of freights and creating indications and quotes just by a few mouse clicks. Calculate MPP cargoes on different voyages (parcelling) and optimize your TCE by means of a professional tool. Once, all cargoes of a voyage are fixed, hand it over to the operation department is as easy as possible since all relevant information are already maintained automatically. While the operations department updates costs and creates invoices with CharterWorks, the managment always has the perfect overview over the estimated and final voyage costs.

Achieve Full Fleet Utilization Now!

The full utilization of the fleet is essential for a financial success. However, how can you ensure that you really have found the best cargo combination for a voyage?

To optimize the utilization of your fleet, you need the right information and the right voyage management tools. Use modern digital parcelling algorithms to find the right cargo for the right voyage – or vice versa. Make the best decision within minutes and achieve an optimal performance for each voyage.

Achieve Full Fleet Utilization Now!

One complete system for your com

One complete system for your company!

Communication within chartering and operations can be challenging. Much time is spent every day just for exchanging voyage information, hand-over notes and check lists – often by exchanging emails and post-its.

The key to productivity is great team work. Use one system for chartering, operations, invoicing and controlling to make your company working like really one team. All your colleagues know exactly what is going on because everybody has access to all relevant information. Give everyone that you work with a more productive way to stay in sync – wherever you are working from.

Less surprises, better decisions!

In shipping, every day a lot of unplanned things can happen. Often, working in a shipping company is similar to fire-fighting.

Stop unpleasant surprises and start working pro-active in chartering and operations. Make the right decisions because you have access to all relevant information about your ships, your voyages and your finances. Check how well your voyages finally performed and discover how to improve in future. Find out what is really going on and discover the hidden potential in your business.

Less surprises, better decisions!

” We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them. “

Albert Einstein

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