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CharterWorks Intelligence
Full Fleet Utilization of your fleet.

We ensure that our customers can leverage previously unusable potential in chartering, especially when it comes to parceling of break bulk or heavy lift cargo.

Since more than 20 years, we have been developing software for the maritime industry. Our goal was to build the best software for commercial operators of sea-going fleets. The result is CharterWorks Intelligence – a unique, state-of-the-art solution for full utilization of your fleet.

We asked ourselves how the complex challenge of optimally managing an fleet can be met with modern software technology. Together with some commercial operators, we developed a solution which perfectly fits to the needs of this niche.

Specially developed algorithms ensure that the right cargo is booked on the right voyage. Conversely, CharterWorks automatically finds suitable cargoes for existing voyages. In this way, our customers increase their fleet utilization significantly and are able to calculate various scenarios at the push of a button.

100% User Happiness

The better the employees in chartering and operations work together, the more effective the team and the better the result achieved. We have invested a lot of time to build software that makes everyday life more productive and more fun at the same time. Our eye for the essentials and over 20 years of experience in shipping ensure that our customers achieve better results – day after day.

We asked around. Many commercial operators use systems that are actually not made for their purposes. Often several software solutions are used in parallel, or there are a large number of Excel sheets that precisely map the customer’s requirements, but do not allow networked work.

This means that in addition to the actual work, a lot of typing is necessary to transfer data from one system to another. Difficulties often arise when a trained employee leaves the company or the company grows and information islands arise.

Therefore, when designing CharterWorks we pay close attention to the fact that as a continuous system it requires as few new entries as possible. In addition, it is very easy to use and all employees can work in parallel. And CharterWorks is cloud-based, so all you need is an Internet connection and a valid account.

Keep control over your expenses

There is a lot of money involved in shipping. It is therefore important to be informed promptly about additional costs and to be able to react to them. The operations department, like the management, must be able to understand how well a voyage went and where exactly the planned and the final costs differ.

The chartering department must be able to understand whether an originally calculated voyage was really successful in the end. CharterWorks provides a precise overview of each trip with the ability to track deviating costs quickly and precisely. By the way, the software is taking daily currency rates into account and can work with an unlimited number of currencies.

Get your outstanding claims under control

How many outstanding debts are there at the moment? Which claims are in default?

When we talked to shipping companies, we learned that open claims are an ongoing issue. Keeping control over the current cash situation is essential for the business success. Effective debt collection is a prerequisite for getting receivables under control and ensuring your own cash flow. CharterWorks has the overview and saves some unnecessary talks with the bank.

Better voyage calculation

People make mistakes. With chartering, this can quickly result in higher costs if a chartering employee miscalculates. In order to avoid this, calculations have to be transparent and sometimes require four-eyes principle. That costs time, because a second employee often has to interrupt his work, look at the offer and understand the calculations.

We have therefore built CharterWorks in such a way that all calculation steps are simple and easy to understand. And if you want a second person to look at it – all you have to do is press a button.

Chartering and Operations working hand-in-hand

We have heard it again and again in the market: The operations department only gets a voyage on their desk at the last moment. Then quick reaction is required. The effective communication between chartering and operations is essential for a good company performance.

In CharterWorks we have therefore made sure that there is a clear, comprehensible handover and that operational voyages can be further adapted through the chartering. The operations team work hand in hand with the chartering department.