Making software for a core process like chartering and operations is near to the chicken-and-egg problem: Whatever you add to the software, the next customer has more, different requirements. Different vessel types, cargoes, tramp, semi-liner, parcelling – shipping is a complex system with a lot of niches. To support data-driven decisions, data integration via APIs becomes more and more important.

All in all, customization of Voyage Management Solutions is a key for future competiveness. But how to get a system that matches 100% the company’s requirements?

We are now offering a combination of license and software development. Our “CharterWorks 2024 Special Bundles” come with a number of licenses plus free budget for customized development. On basis of our CharterWorks product, our development team implements together with your team features and functions that really raises the potential within your company.

We are very open to integrate with other software tools like laytime calculators, bunker rate providers or email systems. If you have additional data sources (e.g. port or ship database) to integrate, this can be done, tool. Also, we may add missing features to the application.

An example: With our “CharterWorks 2024 Special Standard Bundle”, you will get 8 licenses (active ships) plus30 days of software development. For an investment of a flat yearly fee, you can use the entire tool with an unlimited number of users.

How does this work?

We are an agile software development company. Our development cycles are organized in 2-week-periods (sprints) each sprint is like a short development project. At the end of each project, the development result is rolled-out to the operational system. So, every 2 weeks, you get an increment of the developed features and functions. After each sprint, you can change priorities and decide what to do next.

Your time investment?

We have a clear process how to integrate our customers into our development. This limits your time investment to some 1-2 hours per week during the development phase.

Your benefit?

You can use the entire CharterWorks tool from day one. And you get step-by-step nearer to a digital solution that really brings your team forward. Sounds good, right?

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