How do you calculate voyages in CharterWorks?

CharterWorks allows to calculate voyages to get an immediately freight estimate. To support parcelling, the tools comes with a cargo first approach.

In CharterWorks, a cargo is a an amount of goods to be transported from A to B. When receiving an inquiry, chartering enters a new cargo including quantity, loading and destination port and estimated port costs. CharterWorks comes with a route calculation and adds the route and distance from loading to discharging port automatically.

When calculating a voyage to get an estimate freight, you add a cargo to the voyage (or enter a new one on the fly). The fuel consumption is automatically taken into account by selecting a ship (type). The advantage of this approach: You can add the same cargo to several voyages with different ships, compare the results and pick the best choice.

Off course, you can also add several cargoes to one voyage. This is especially interesting for parcelling of break bulk.

Once all cargoes of a voyage are fixed, chartering hands over the voyage to operations for execution by a click on a button. Voyages can also be revised back to chartering to add more cargoes even during execution.