Webinar with LangTec and Herberg Systems.

Employees in chartering often read hundreds of emails every day. Modern algorithms can now automatically convert emails into datasets that can be used for voyage calculation in some few seconds. You can directly calculate incoming emails and return with a quotation in no time.

We developed a solution that already achieved more than 95% accuracy for break bulk cargo inquiries, but also C/Ps and other documents. The code can read text, PDFs, Exel Sheet and Word documents and extract datasets of cargo inquiries.

We give you an insight of what we already can do today, and what we want to do next. At the same time, we would like to discuss your experiences and demands for making the best benefit out of such a solution.

Topics to be covered are:
– Parsing complex emails
– Algorithm for Identifying break bulk inquiries in emails including PDFs and Excel sheets
– Life demonstration
– Discussion

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Looking forward to seeing you!