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Time Charter and Hire Periods Overview
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CharterWorks Time Charter Software - for easier management and controlling

Even if you put your ships on time charter, you can keep track of things with CharterWorks. Delivery, return, ROBs, hire statements and off-hire - CharterWorks ensures that you always have an overview of costs and income.

In addition, your entire team always has a complete overview of what to do next. This ensures more safety and more fun in daily work.

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The perfect controlling for your time charters

With time charter, you leave your ship to a third party for a period of time. We have developed special software so that you can keep a complete overview even for time charter periods. The tool ensures that everyone in the team keeps an eye on commissions, hire statements and off hire.

How high were the rates again? Do we still have outstanding debts? How much fuel did we actually hand over the ship with? How long does the charter run? Have we thought of everything? CharterWorks helps you to answer these questions (and many more) at the push of a button. This ensures safety and more control.

Of course, CharterWorks integrates the various time and voyage charter functions seamlessly and provides all times clearly in a special schedule overview for all users. This means you can easily switch from one type of charter to another and always have your costs and income under control.


  • Hire statements (hire periods):
    Manage and calculate any number of hire periods and see hire, C/E/V and commission at a glance

  • Off-Hire:
    Enter the accrued off-hire times and get an immediate overview of possible and actual losses

  • Bunker stocks:
    Take into account the different bunker stocks at delivery and return and see immediately which costs you may still have to face.

  • Costs and Income:
    Keep an eye on invoices and payments and update real costs as they arise.

  • Evaluations:
    CharterWorks provides you with the real charter rate based on current costs at any time. This allows you to see immediately whether the time charter paid off.

  • History:
    CharterWorks records every change. This means that you can always see who has changed what.
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