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Maritime E-Mail Software ChartDesk
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Collaborative maritime email software.

Maritime e-mail software for teams in the shipping industry

Some things don't have to be reinvented. ChartDesk is a collaborative e-mail client specially designed for shipping - because e-mail is the linchpin of a charterer's daily work. ChartDesk fits perfectly into your workflow with Charter.Works. Simply transfer the load data from the email to Charter.Works in order to calculate your freight rate from there.

ChartDesk - an e-mail program for maritime teams

ChartDesk is a web-based and mobile-ready e-mail software. The e-mail client was designed for maritime teams that access shared inboxes: Features such as automatic categorization and an integrated messaging system ensure a structured mailbox.

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Charter.Works - Chartering software for brokers and charterers

With ChartDesk all important information that is received by email is transferred to Charter.Works. You then use this data for a voyage estimation calculation or simply let it flow directly into the voyage management system. Your work process will be significantly faster with the two software solutions!
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ChartDesk - e-mail software for fast and efficient work

  • ChartDesk is a web-based and mobile-capable e-mail client, which was specially developed for shipping.
  • The software offers particular advantages for teams that access shared inboxes: A read-by status shows who in the team has already read an email.
  • Create folders for specific members in which e-mails are automatically assigned to a topic.
  • Sort emails by keywords and #tags
  • Search through millions of emails within seconds with the search function.
  • Send cargo and ship inquiries to your distribution list by sending an email to a large number of recipients with the broadcast function.
  • Benefit from other tools such as AIS tracking, ship position parsing, the ship database, and an address book.
  • Your data is secured by 256-bit SSL encryption.


Monitor with maritime email software from ChartDesk

Jan Herberg
Managing Director Herberg Systems

"Every day our customers are faced with the challenge of quickly processing, assessing, and forwarding a flood of emails. This takes a lot of time and energy. With the integration of ChartDesk in the workflow of Charter.Works we can reduce the email processing time significantly for our customers. This way we offer our customers more freedom in their everyday work."

Keith Tan
Managing Director ChartDesk

"I developed ChartDesk from the knowledge that an intelligent, collaborative email client increases productivity in shipping. The software should make it easy and uncomplicated to deal with incoming information. By working with Charter.Works, ChartDesk increases productivity in the daily work routine."

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