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Charter.Works - Distance Calculator for shipping companies

Regardless of whether you need the distance from the current ship's position to the next port or you are planning your next trip: The CharterWorks Distance Calculator for shipping companies answers all your questions about the duration of the trip, distances and route options. You define the route variables and CharterWorks gives you a detailed breakdown of how long the ship needs for the voyage.

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The Charter.Works Distance Calculator for calculating routes

Often things have to be done quickly: How many miles is it from Rotterdam to Singapore? If the ECA zones are optimally taken into account? And what if avoiding the Suez Canal? And how much does the ship need from its current position to the next port?

The CharterWorks Distance Calculator for shipping companies scores with extensive setting options for the route of your ships, travel planning and distances. An easy-to-use digital map provides the necessary overview - by the way, you can also see all other ships, cargoes and current voyages there at the push of a button.


  • Simple route calculation:
    Easily and quickly create an estimate of the travel time. Compare different results to find the best route.
  • Detailed route presetting:
    Exclude certain zones such as ECA, HRA and JWC as well as canals such as the Suez, Panama and Kiel Canal for the trip to be calculated.
  • Average speed:
    Determine which average speed is optimal for your route.
  • ECA zones:
    The distance calculator breaks down how many miles of the trip are spent in ECA zones.
  • A detailed voyage breakdown:
    Receive information about the distances, including a list of zones and canals, as well as the total journey time that the ship is traveling on the set route.
  • Locations:
    17,000 maritime locations and ports are stored. Benefit from the extensive database and find the best route for your ships.
  • Deviations:
    Check whether there are any deviations from the schedule. This way you can react faster to changes.
  • No limit
    Make as many queries as you need for your daily work.
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