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Voyage Management System
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Voyage Management System
for Operations Manager

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Charter.Works - Voyage Management System for your Operations Team

Thanks to the extensive analysis options of Charter.Works, your operations team has control of information about all your voyage. The Voyage Management System, with its diverse functions, is therefore the perfect support for your voyage.

After successful completion, all relevant data and information are transferred from the Voyage Estimation to the Operations module. Use this data to analyze all the factors that affect your trip. The modern user interface creates a clear and structured overview - so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

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Charter.Works Operations Modul - The Voyage Management System

After the voyage estimation and its successful completion, the voyage management begins. The operations module from Charter.Works supports you in the implementation and control of your voyage. Recognize the potential for improvements based on the extensive database. All numbers from the voyage estimation can be updated with real numbers so that you can easily determine deviations between your estimate and the actual trip. Charter.Works gives the operator security in his journey and implementation.


  • Data transfer
    With a click of the mouse, you can transfer all stored data from the voyage estimation, from the ship database and the previous correspondence into the Operations Module.
  • Voyage Summary
    The practical overview compares your estimated travel costs with the current ones. A table shows the exact difference between the two values.
  • Dates
    The travel dates are taken from the voyage estimation. If there are deviations, you can simply adjust the dates.
  • Consumption
    Keep an eye on the fuel consumption and costs for the bunker using the overview that compares the actual with the estimated values.
  • Port costs
    Enter the current port costs, compare them with the estimated values ​​, and recognize the variances.
  • Cargo management
    You are always informed about the status of the cargo and can compare it with the previously estimated amount of cargo.
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With the Voyage Management System you have your voyage and all information in view.

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Everything in view

With our Charter.Works Voyage Management System, you always have the trip and all the latest information at hand.


With one click, you can transfer the data from the voyage estimation to the operations module. Thus, you always have all the data from the cargo request stored in the voyage management system which enables you to estimate the efficiency of the trip.


Update the current data and adapt your voyage. Benefit from indications to outstanding tasks, such as agency nominations, or the laycan.


Assign all data and port costs in detail to the cost centers of the voyage. After completion, you can understand the results fast and draw conclusions for future shipments.

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