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Distance Calculator
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Charter.Works - Distance Calculator for shipping

Find out the estimated travel time of your ship from its position to the destination port. The Charter.Works Distance Calculator answers all your questions about the duration of the trip, taking into account various variables. Define not only the port of departure and destination but also intermediate ports and the speed of the ship. You have full control over the route by including or excluding zones and channels for route calculation. Charter.Works gives you a detailed breakdown of how long the ship will need for the route. Based on the data, you know everything about the route of your ships.

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The Charter.Works Distance Calculator for calculating routes

The Charter.Works distance calculator has extensive setting options. Check different routes to find the best possible voyage for your ships.


  • Simple route calculation:
    Easily and quickly create an estimate of the travel time. Compare different results to find the best route.
  • Detailed route presetting:
    Exclude certain zones such as ECA, HRA and JWC as well as canals such as the Suez, Panama and Kiel Canal for the trip to be calculated.
  • Average speed
    Determine which average speed is optimal for your route.
  • ECA zones:
    The distance calculator breaks down how many miles of the trip are spent in ECA zones.
  • A detailed breakdown of travel
    Receive information about the distances, including a list of zones and channels, as well as the total journey time that the ship is traveling on the set route.
  • Locations:
    17,000 maritime locations and ports are stored. Benefit from the extensive database and find the best route for your ships.
  • Deviations:
    Check whether there are any deviations from the schedule. This way you can react faster to changes.
  • No limit
    Make as many queries as you need for your daily work.
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Charter.Works Distance Calculator Monitor

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The distance calculator from Charter.Works is a handy tool that optimally supports you in your daily work with its functions and interfaces to our other software products.


Our offer: Use the distance calculator also in our Fleettracker software.


Access 17,000 maritime locations with the distance calculator and benefit from the multitude of routing options for your calculations.


Use the information for the voyage estimation and find the most efficient routes for your cargo requests.

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