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Herberg Systems' Charter.Works Service is the powerful chartering management software for brokers and charterers. The modern, cloud-based design of the software offers you and your team the perfect overview of your current loads, ships, and timetables.

Charter.Works supports you from the load calculation to the freight settlement to the complete processing and post-calculation of the sea voyages. We develop Charter.Works in close cooperation with chartering managers so that our software adapts perfectly to your everyday work.

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Charter.Works Editions

To tailor our software perfectly to your everyday work, we offer three different Charter.Works editions with different features. Simply choose the edition which optimally advances your everyday work.

Distance Calculator

Check the duration of a trip or the location of a port thanks to over 17,000 maritime locations.

Overview Distance Calculator

Voyage Estimator

Calculate your cargo requests quickly and benefit from a variety of settings.

Overview Voyage Estimation Software

Voyage Management

Carry out your fixture and optimize the result. Use extensive analysis options for efficient planning.

Overview Voyage Management Systen
Charter.Works Distance Calculator

Charter.Works Distance Calculator

Find out in seconds how long your ship will take for different routes. With the Charter.Works Distance Calculator you have full control over all variables such as channels, zones, load ports and discharge ports and average speed in your route calculation. You can calculate the duration of the route in detail and are thus informed about your voyage.

This is what distinguishes the tool:

  • Simple route calculation
  • Routing options for channels and separate areas
  • 17,000 ports
  • 3-D card function
  • No query limit

Charter.Works Voyage Estimation Software

Discover all potentials of a cargo inquiry within seconds. With the Voyage Estimation Tool from Charter.Works you can create your individual calculation with your own specifications from a cargo request in no time at all. Thanks to the built-in parceling function, you can run through a wide variety of scenarios and then decide on the most economical trip. With this function, you can increase the efficiency of your freight deals in a playful way.

Features include: 

  • Voyage Calculation
  • Parceling
  • Route Calculation
  • Port Finder
  • Ship Details
  • Chart View
Charter.Works Voyage Management Software

Charter.Works Voyage Management System

Charter.Works is the perfect travel companion for your order - because that's exactly why we developed the Voyage Management System in close cooperation with chartering managers. The operations and the post-fixture module supports you and your teams in the daily processing of port calls and ensures the perfect interaction between chartering and operations. Let all charter party information flow into the software and benefit from a clear, up-to-date comparison of all estimated costs with the actual expenses.

The following data are compared:

  • Voyage Summary
  • Times
  • Consumption
  • Port costs
  • Cargo management

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Logo ChartDesk

ChartDesk is a collaborative email client for shipping - because email is the center of a charterer's daily work. ChartDesk fits perfectly to your workflow with Charter.Works. Simply transfer the cargo data from e-mail to Charter.Works to calculate your freight rate from there.


ChartDesk is a web-based and mobile-capable email client specifically developed for shipping. The software was designed for teams that access shared inboxes: Features such as automatic categorization and an integrated messaging system ensure a clear, structured mailbox.


With ChartDesk all important information that is received by email is transferred to Charter.Works. You then use this data for a voyage estimation calculation or simply let it flow directly into the voyage management system. Your work process will be significantly faster with the two software solutions!

Jan Herberg
Managing Director Herberg Systems

"Every day our customers are faced with the challenge of quickly processing, assessing, and forwarding a flood of emails. This takes a lot of time and energy. With the integration of ChartDesk in the workflow of Charter.Works we can reduce the email processing time significantly for our customers. This way we offer our customers more freedom in their everyday work "

Keith Tan
Managing Director ChartDesk

"I developed ChartDesk from the knowledge that an intelligent, collaborative email client increases productivity in shipping. The software should make it easy and uncomplicated to deal with incoming information. By working with Charter.Works, ChartDesk increases productivity in the daily work routine. "


The needs of the customers are always our first priority. Therefore, we designed Charter.Works so that it can be comfortably integrated into your everyday work. Charter.Works is supposed to help you easily and for a long time with your working efforts.


As Charter.Works is web-based there are no installation costs. Through a simple and fast registration with your customer data on the login page, you can already access all features of Charter.Works – even on mobile!

System integration

A clear and easy to understand view allows you to quickly integrate the functionalities into your daily work routine.

Data flow

Your chartering and operations team works in Charter.Works with the same database. Charter.Works improves the sharing of information within your company. You can also access the data anytime and anywhere.

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Kaan Köklü
Software Development

"For us, improving the customer's working reality is always the focus of development. The day-to-day work of chartering managers is diverse and differs greatly between companies. That is why we have designed Charter.Works so flexibly that every customer can choose their functionalities so that our software is perfectly tailored to their everyday work."



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