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Charter.Works - the powerful chartering software for commercial ship operators

Herberg Systems' Charter.Works Service is the powerful chartering software for commercial ship operators. The modern, cloud-based design of the software offers the perfect overview of your current loads, ships, and timetables. As a special feature: The software focuses on the cargo - for more efficient parceling.

Charter.Works supports you from the load calculation to the freight settlement to the complete processing and post-calculation of the sea voyages. We develop Charter.Works in close cooperation with chartering managers so that our software adapts perfectly to your everyday work.

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Cargo First: An innovative approach to modern chartering software

In chartering, the starting point of everyday work is cargo. This is reflected in the Charter.Works chartering software through the innovative "Cargo First" approach: this ensures even more efficient parceling of the offered cargo and optimizes the transport. The software thus supports you optimally in your daily work.

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Charter.Works Editions

Charter.Works supports you with the smooth process from the loading request to the execution of the trip. Evaluate, calculate, and benefit from the chartering software in your daily work.

Distance Calculator

Evaluate the duration of a journey or the location of a port thanks to over 17,000 maritime locations.

More about Distance Calculator

Voyage Estimator

Calculate your loading requests quickly and efficiently and use a variety of settings.

More about Voyage Estimation

Voyage Management

Benefit from the options for analyzing your voyage. Carry out your fixture and optimize the result.

More about Voyage Management
Charter.Works Distance Calculator

Charter.Works Distance Calculator

Find out how long your ship will take for different routes. With the Charter.Works Distance Calculator you have full control over all variables such as channels, zones, load ports and discharge ports, and average speed in your route calculation.


This is what distinguishes the tool:

  • Simple route calculation
  • Routing options for channels and separate areas
  • 17,000 ports
  • 3-D card function
  • No query limit

Charter.Works Voyage Estimation Software

Discover all potentials of a cargo inquiry. With the Voyage Estimation Tool from Charter.Works you can create your individual calculation from a cargo request in no time at all. Thanks to the built-in parceling function, you can also create the most efficient voyage.

Features include: 

  • Voyage Calculation
  • Parceling
  • Route Calculation
  • Port Finder
  • Ship Details
  • Chart View
Charter.Works Voyage Management Software

Charter.Works Voyage Management System

The operations and post-fixture module of the Voyage Management System supports you and your teams in the daily processing of port calls and ensures the perfect interaction of chartering and operations. Benefit from a clear, up-to-date comparison of all estimated costs with the actual expenses.

The following data are compared:

  • Voyage Summary
  • Times
  • Consumption
  • Port costs
  • Cargo management

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Discover your parceling potential


A challenge in day-to-day operations is to keep track of all cargo and ship information and to use the data to organize optimal cargo distribution for parceling.

Thanks to Charter.Works' to put cargo at the forefront, the chartering software supports your parceling optimally.


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The needs of the customers are always our first priority. Therefore, we designed Charter.Works so that it can be comfortably integrated into your everyday work. Charter.Works is supposed to help you easily and for a long time with your working efforts.


Charter.Works works web-based. Simply log in with your customer data and you can use the full range of functions.

System integration

The clear and easy-to-understand user interface allows the functionalities to be quickly integrated into your day-to-day work.

Data flow

Your chartering team works in Charter.Works with the same database and thus ensures an easy exchange of information.

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Kaan Köklü
Software Development

"For us, improving the customer's working reality is always the focus of development. The day-to-day work of chartering managers is diverse and differs greatly between companies. That is why we have designed Charter.Works so flexibly that every customer can choose their functionalities so that our software is perfectly tailored to their everyday work."



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