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Voyage Calculation Software
for chartering managers
Fast. Mobile. Easy.

Charter.Works. The mobile voyage estimation software

The voyage estimation software Charter.Works by Herberg Systems offers a web-based and mobile-friendly chartering management system. For more time and a better overview, you can do a first voyage calculation based on your charter inquiry.

You can easily view the status of the order so that you can always keep track of the information. Therefore, Chater.Works offers a fast and clear exchange of information. Everything on servers which are hosted in Germany – for your data protection.

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Charter.Works explained in 90 seconds!

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Charter.Works. Voyage estimation software for chartering manager

Charter.Works is a tool which was specially designed for chartering manager and their everyday work.
The Charter.Works service of Herberg Systems is a calculation tool which can be used everywhere, on the computer, tablet and on the smartphone. Additional information about inquiries, offers, contact data, and the e-mail exchange are available at any time and at any place. Charter.Works offers a practical overview and a management tool which makes your everyday work easier and more flexible and increases your reaction speed.

  • Voyage Calculation:
    Faster decision thanks to intuitive calculations.
    On the basis of a voyage charter, all costs and results of your cargo inquiry will be shown through an efficient calculation.
  • Parceling
    More efficient cargo management through flexible calculations.
    Charter.Works allows you to add extra cargo to voyage calculations, to get the best possible voyage results.
  • Route Calculation:
    Detailed calculation of the route within a few clicks.
    Enter position or start and destination port as well as the speed of the ship – and Charter.Works not only delivers the sea route, but also the estimated duration of the voyage.
  • Port Finder:
    A fast overview of your first calculation.
    Enter the name of the port and receive the geolocation of the port. Thus, you can estimate more precisely if the cargo has potential.
  • Ship Details:
    More precise calculations due to more comprehensive information.
    You can enter detailed ship data in Charter.Works and make them a part of the voyage calculation.
  • Chart View
    Faster order processing thanks to a functional chart overview.
    The four questions, where, what, when and the value of the cargo, compact on a digital, detailed chart. So you can quickly analyze which cargo has the most potential for you.
  • Distance Calculator:
    Practical tool - great functionality. Determine the distances and the duration of the voyage on a digital sea chart. Use the data for analyses and identify deviations from the schedule at an early stage.
Voyage Estimation Software Charter.Works on different screens

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The needs of the customers are always our first priority. Therefore, we designed Charter.Works so, that it can be comfortably integrated into your everyday work. Charter.Works is supposed to help you easily and long lastingly with your working efforts.


As Charter.Works is web based there is no installation time. Through a simple and fast registration with your customer data on the login-page, you can already access all features of Charter.Works – even mobile!

System integration

A clear and easy-to-understand view allows you to quickly integrate the functionalities into your daily work routine.

Data flow

Through the online access of the cloud-based Charter.Works, everyone works with the same database. Sharing information within your business is easily possible with the Charter.Works tool. The special feature: the data can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Jan Herberg
Managing Director Herberg Systems

"Every day, our customers face the challenge of quickly processing, assessing and passing on a flood of information. This costs a lot of time and energy every day. With the Charter.Works, we want to make a decisive contribution to facilitating this work. We have developed our product close to the customer and always keep his needs in mind. This gives our customers more freedom in their daily work."

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